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the debut horror novel coming soon!

unedited excerpt from latest full draft...

Her heart raced as she did her best to keep her breathing quiet. Tears formed in her eyes as she could still hear that music playing so loudly. She willed her ears to hear beyond the music when what sounded like large nostrils sniffing close by hit her. Her hands flew up to cover her mouth trying to stifle the scream, but as she heard a rather large bang in front of her she couldn’t help the yelp that escaped. Tears slipped from her eyes running down her face.

For a moment she truly believed she was about to lose her life, but then the music began to wind down. The banging and sniffing nostrils stopped as she heard what she imagined to be hooves galloping away from her suddenly.

Rian sat in silence as she listened to nothing going on. There wasn’t a sound around her. She just sat on that fitting room bench for what felt like several minutes until a small voice spoke to her through the darkness.


“It’s all clear now. You can come out.”

Stiffening she didn’t move a muscle. Rian’s eyes were as wide as saucers as she stared at nothing in front of her face.


“I won’t hurt you.” the small voice spoke again. It sounded young.

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